Sharp Twist

Kink blog detailing the life and times of a 25 year old kinkster, slut, feminist, domme: Mistress Midnight.

“As we grew closer together physically, we looked each other in the eye and knew, if she put her lips any closer to mine I’d be forced, magnetised, to kiss them. But she moved closer anyway. I felt the gentle resistance of her breasts against mine and I moaned a little, grazing my fingertips along her collarbone until they came to rest at the nape of her neck. I gently played with her hair as the air crackled between us with desire and hesitance. Painfully slowly our mouths and noses drew closer together. And we kissed. Gently, almost chastely at first, but gradually with more and more passion and tenderness - her arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me tight - my hands caught in her luscious long brown hair, holding her against my lips.”

Some people are so intensely loveable, suckable, kissable, fuckable. And others are, well, just not.

Thinking of you

It got me thinking in the shower this morning, as the hot water streamed between my breasts and down the line of my navel, about the reason why I was doing this. Carefully beginning at the top, and working my way slowly down to the tender lips of my cunt, the razor turned the soft dark down of my muff into tender, innocent pink. I smiled as my fingers grazed my clit, then bit my lip at the thought of you; your tongue wrapped around my cunt, pushed harder into me by the writhings of my hips and my hand tangled up and pulling your head forcefully down to meet me as I push up. But eating out my hot, pink, pulsing pussy and making me moan with pleasure will be a privilege you will have to earn, my slutty little sub. Tasting my come on your lips will be your reward for being good. 

As I thought about what I had planned for you for this evening, my clit began to pulse with anticipation. My throat and cheeks became flushed as I began to slowly tease my own, freshly shaved, already wet, pussy.

First, I thought to myself as I slipped a finger, then two, inside myself, I would tie one leg, then the other, wide apart. Then your arms. Lying face up, immobile, blindfolded, you’d be absolutely unable to divine what I was going to do next, let alone escape from it. Don’t worry, I assure you sweetly, as long as you are good you would have nothing to fear. To let you know I care I kiss you lightly, mouth against mouth, lips against lips, breath against breath. You are already shaking a little under my touch. I know, my good little slut, it’s been a long time and you have been very patient, so I reward you by kissing you down your neck, red marks chasing the progress of my fingernails down your shoulders. A gasp escapes your lips, your cock already hard and red and twinging. I sit back and quietly wonder aloud what I’m going to do with you, all the while tracing my finger from the skin at the base of your cock, to your navel, then back again. You begin to push your cock up to meet my hand, in search of earnest touch, and I oblige, ordering you to stay silent and still. You quickly clamp down on your emotions, barely daring to breathe as I begin to work your cock slowly – index finger and thumb making a ring, just enough pleasure, enough resistance to tease and yet to satisfy the ache you feel. I speed up, using my whole hand, then my other, and finally my mouth lightly sucking your head, faster and faster until your back begins to arch and your breathing quickens and you let out a moan. Too late! You realise your mistake and I stop abruptly, your cock throbbing and balls full, ready to come. But not this time. You moaned, you naughty slut. And you know what this means. I leave, just for a minute, and you hear me searching in my kink bag for something - something just right to punish you with. I return, and my sudden closeness and warmth sends a shiver of excitement down your spine, and you wriggle in fear and anticipation.
“What I’m going to do to you” I whisper into your ear, “is simple. I’m going to lube up your asshole, then I’m going to finger you to loosen you up a bit, and then…” and at this point I momentarily lift up your blindfold, “and then, my little slut, I’m going to fuck you with this.” Your eyes widen at the sight of my veined purple dildo. “First I’ll be gentle with you, because I know you haven’t taken anything this big before. But I know you’ll love it and I know you’re secretly aching for it.” I pull the blindfold back down over your eyes.

You begin to beg for mercy, to plead with me: “please Mistress Midnight, please no!”, but your ass feels warm with want, and as I tease my fingers down your cock, balls, and finally to your ass, circling your hole, you gasp again with pleasure as my finger penetrates you for the first time. I warn you to keep quiet as I fuck you very gently and slowly, easing myself into you, almost tenderly. As I fuck you deeper and deeper, I see your cock twinge again, and I pause momentarily to untie one of your arms so you can rub your own cock. You are not allowed to come. Of course. You know this. I don’t even have to say. Deeper and faster and harder, adding a finger, you feel your muscles contracting, aching, pulsing. Hot, wet, perfection. Toes curled, hands clenched, willing yourself not to come. You begin to beg again, pleading for my permission. By now your ass is able to take almost anything, so I ease that purple veined dildo into you and give permission and the sensation is enough to send you well over the edge and you come. You come hard and long and your body convulses with the force of it, with the waves of pleasure that engulf you with every throb of your cock, with the tautness of all your muscles, slowly relaxing into post orgasm release.

Back in the shower, I’m fucking myself hard, my mouth open and raised, my eyes and wet eyelashes closing together as my hips push against my fingers, twisting my nipple between my thumb and forefinger as I bring myself closer and closer to my own orgasm. You know my sub, if you are reading this, what happens next. You had your orgasm, and now it is your turn to please mistress – burying your head between her thighs, making her moan, groan, as her skin glows from heat and pressure and her cunt throbs beneath the touch and rub of your tongue. In the shower, I finally give in and begin rubbing my clit hard and fast. Faster than ever before, and I come long and hard, abdomen muscle spasms with the force of my efforts, gasping for breath, sweat beading and being quickly swept away by the rushing water above.

Sweet, lazy euphoria overtakes me. But I am not satisfied fully. And I won’t be… Until tonight. 



MRAs: It’s sexist that men always have to be stoic and tough and can never show emotions! Misandry!

Feminists: Actually, we don’t think think anyone should be forced to conform to gender stereotypes. Ending patriarchal oppression would mean that men wouldn’t be shamed for crying or showing emotions.

MRAs: Those evil feminists want to femininize men and make being manly illegal! Misandry!